Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas, Lights & Community

After a quick jaunt to my Dad's house for Thanksgiving we were sure to make it home for the Lighting of the Square. It's a fun yearly event, if you didn't make it, and always worth the effort. We got to hear the Woodstock community choir sing a bit, then a few important people told us to shop local before a big fake (it's meant to look fake) switch is thrown and the lights are ignited on the buildings and trees around the Square. It's a fun moment and always a pretty holiday sight. And then all who have made pilgrimage join together in song for a few Christmas carols.

It was a joy to sing with neighbors and visitors to Woodstock. It was fun to let my ever aging kids experience this event yet again. It was fun to kick off what will surely be a blur of a Christmas season. Woodstock is a great place to be.


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