Monday, September 03, 2007

Whatta Summer

It's been one amazing summer...and now it's over. At least in the my-kids-are-going-back-to-school-tomorrow sense. We tried to finish with a bang by taking a train trip into the city with our kiddos.

We went Thursday morning, made it to the top of the John Hancock Center, spent some time in Millennium Park, then greatly enjoyed two hours at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The view from the Hancock is really wonderful, and it was extra good on a sparkling blue sky day. We saw the Sears Tower (obviously), Wrigley Field, The United Center, Lincoln Park, Soldier Field, and all the way across Lake Michigan. Great experience.

Millennium Park was great, like always. The kids splashed around, we took 'bean' photos, and we just chilled and enjoyed the afternoon.

This was our first visit to the Art Institute of Chicago and it won't be our last. We were very impressed. Well, except for the mean lady who was profiling my kids as deviants and expecting them to do something awful. The rest of it was great! I don't know how much we saw, but it really wasn't much. I can't wait to go back again and spend a lot more time absorbing the mountains of beauty within. If you haven't been...then go.

Then we made the 8:30pm train back and crashed. I just love being so near Chicago and all it offers. It's a great, great city, full of life and energy. I'm glad Woodstock gets to be a part of the great city.


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