Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Woodstock Cafe: Java Planet

I've encountered a wonderful new café in Woodstock. It's Java Planet, located in the Lake Shore Business Park on Route 14 between Menards and the hospital. I first heard about it a couple of weeks ago. I was reminded as Wednesday's Woodstock Independent had a nice article on Java Planet. So I'm here to try it out.

First thing I noticed is the very attractive café. Beautiful. Tans, browns and blacks. Bigger tables are square and smaller are rectangular. Wooden chairs are comfortable. The café area is bifurcated by a large glass breezeway. On the side where the coffee is made there are five tables. Right now a couple of moms are sitting and talking and what looks like a McHenry County College student sits working on his laptop.

On the other side, where I'm sitting, are four attractive dark brown leather soft chairs. They are paired on either side of me. I'm along the window at a smaller table. Plenty of room on the sturdy table for my stuff. A good workstation. A nice ledge along the window is table height, and adds to my workspace. I should also add that some solid "free jazz" is playing at just the right volume level.

I'm drinking a mocha, which is my typical coffee shop drink. The price is comparable to something like Starbucks. And it's delicious. Java Planet has their roasting done at Conscious Cup coffee shop in Crystal Lake, and my mocha tastes like the one I've gotten at CC. I've been to a number of cool little cafés that had crappy coffee. My first drink tells me this isn't one of them. They also have their roasts available for sale whole bean, which I will be trying very soon with my french press at home.

They boast very fast and free internet. I don't know if it's as fast as they boast since I don't really know how to measure that. But I will say it's very fast. Seems faster than my home connection, which is also pretty fast. And it's easy. Didn't need some code or special info. Just found and added the connection and BOOM!, I'm online.

My wife and our son, Daniel, is now here because I begged her on the phone to come check it out. She is very impressed. They were here so long that I'm now drinking Mexican Chiapas roast . The girl behind the counter called it "amazing." I have to agree.

Get out and try Java Planet. Bring your friends. Perfect for anytime you are near 14, doing some shopping, going to or from McHenry County College, or just need a great cup of coffee. Because of the space it could be ideal for larger groups. They also have open mic events on the 2nd Saturday of each month. I'll be checking one of those out soon.


At Monday, April 27, 2009, Blogger Java Planet said...

Heya Steve thanks so much for the review; hope we see you and your family again!


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