Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

Farmer's MarketWow. Spectacular beginning to Memorial Day Weekend. (As always, click on pictures for larger versions.)

I played catch with my two oldest boys this morning, as I do most days. We are preparing for baseball season in the weeks ahead. Every time one of us dropped a ball it got soaked with dew, but it was a great time. They are working on ground balls right now and every day of practice finds them much better.

I got some work done today at Starbucks (as a pastor I work most of the day on Saturday and take Monday off) and saw Jennifer Kohnke who was displaying some of her drawings. They are fantastic. Starbucks in Woodstock has been displaying them for several months and you should check them out.

Doing ImpressionsAlso on the Square was the farmer's market, which always has some good stuff. Today was a special treat as a couple of painters were capturing the Old Court House and the farmer's market scene. I was able to photograph both of them and talk briefly with Mort Luby. Beautiful paintings. A joy to watch someone create a scene and work colors on canvas.

At the Pool 2Then I went to Woodstock Water Works for a bit to watch the kiddos swim. It was packed on this their first day open of the year, and rightly so as it's in the mid-80's.

Get out and enjoy Woodstock this Memorial Day Weekend.



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