Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Where's Spring?

It's been too long since my last post. Life has been crazy. But rather than making excuses I'll just start up again. Several new things have happened since last fall.

The most important thing that has happened in Woodstock in months is the revelation that Woodstock Willie lied to us on Groundhog Day and said Spring was on the way. He was wrong, W-R-O-N-G. :) It's been a terrible February with bitter cold temps, lots of snow, and a refusal for a full thaw. There may be some rising temps at the end of this week. Cross your fingers!

In other news...

Wal-Mart has opened up in Woodstock. I was there on opening day and it was, well, Wal-Mart. I was surprised at how big it was. I mean, I've been in the huge Super Wal-Mart's before but never one with benches in open areas around the store.

Jenapeas has opened up on the Square with sandwiches, coffee, and more. I haven't been there yet but my wife has and had nothing but good stuff to say.

The Jailhouse Restaurant on the square is gone and replacing it is Courthouse Grill. We haven't been there, but eager to try it out. Maybe we'll go on an upcoming "date night."

Woodstock Station, a new brownstone-ish development near the train station, has finished a building. Read more about these homes at The Woodstock Independent.

I've noticed at our local Starbucks they have been hanging stuff from local artists every month. I need to try to get some of my photography up, but haven't made the effort yet.

Coming soon, Office Depot, Aldi, and more.


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