Monday, June 19, 2006

June Weekend

2nd BaseOur two oldest boys played their first baseball games on Saturday and both did well. It was a beautiful day, very warm, and all the kids seemed to have a blast. I'm an official coach of the T-ball Astros (Elijah's team), and I also helped coach the Bittie Ball Blue Jays (Jack's team). I am really going to enjoy the baseball season.

FreeFriday night and much of the day Saturday was the Woodstock Music Fest 2. I was able to hear a little bit Friday night an about 40 minutes worth on Saturday night. The crowd was very eclectic, from college students who are back home for the summer to parents and their small kids, and even a good deal of older adults. There was food, beer and margaritas for sale. I didn't take advantage since I couldn't spend a lot of time at the event, but it all looked inviting.

Live MusicThe bands were good, better than I expected. One band led with a sax. I know at least one band is from Woodstock, Tall Grass Magicians. I liked their music. Fun stuff. Honestly, all the bands were enjoyable and I'm surprised more Woodstockians don't make their way out to events like this, though it seemed fairly well attended.

One last thing, Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there.


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