Thursday, June 01, 2006

Internet Connections

I'm online a lot. I have TMobile wi-fi at Starbucks, access wi-fi on my laptop at the Public Library, and wi-fi at my house. For me the Internet is an important tool for study, networking with other pastors, and a hundred other things.

So when the Internet connects me to local folks, it's a bonus. Through my online photography I was able to meet Toni. I've met her in person a number of times since she is often online in Starbucks too, but only briefly. Now both of our Woodstock pictures are online in the same place. How cool is that?

Toni is a freelance writer and also has a website, Travels with Toni. Worth checking out.

While I'm at it, someone I met when I first moved to Woodstock is Darin Sakas. He runs (President and Publisher) through a Woodstock Square office. I have never fired a weapon (except spit wads) and I'm not fond of eating duck, but Darin is a great guy anyway. :)


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