Friday, June 16, 2006

Coming Home

I have been away for 6 days on a road trip to North Carolina for a conference. It was a great trip and I saw many old friends. But there is nothing like coming home. I missed my wife and four kids.

Coach and SonsI expected to be home on early Friday morning, but we left a little early and I got home in time to take my two oldest boys to their first practices for baseball. I grew up with a great Dad who was always at my practices and games for every sport I played. I want to be that kind of Dad.

During Elijah's (5) practice I found out his team needed another coach. I had decided a few weeks ago that if the teams needed any more help that I would volunteer. So I let the coaches know I'm available and they jumped at the chance. I got my own hat and shirt as a coach of the Astros T-ball team and the proud father of a good little player. Jack's (7) practice was directly after Elijah's. I've been working with both kids for weeks (new gloves, bat, balls, and a big backyard) and they have really learned to love baseball. It should be a great season.Pitcher

It's also going to be a great season because of all the great people we are getting to know: George, Jodi, Ray, Michael, Andrea, Marla, Pete, Brian and many others. Woodstock is a great place to live, and sport is a great way to get to know people in the community.

Well, the first games are Saturday (tomorrow) morning. I guess we should get out and practice.


At Saturday, June 17, 2006, Blogger Toni said...

Welcome back! Y'all look great in your new gear, and I wish you a terrific season.

My 7-year-old Jack (Jackson) isn't a sporty kid. We think the 2-year-old, already a southpaw, will be our baseball kid. ;)


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