Monday, June 05, 2006


Presidential AddressI went to my first Woodstock High School graduation ceremony to see two young ladies graduate. I had the joy of bringing my daughter Sarah (9) to enjoy the afternoon with me.

A couple of observations...

1. I don't remember so many speeches when I graduated. Is that a Woodstock thing or have things just changed? Also, they were printed in the bulletin thing. That was pretty cool.

2. I was impressed with the amount of people there. I know there were a lot of graduates, but the turnout seemed huge to me. Great to see.

3. An ambulance came on the track right next to where the students were sitting as they were reading student names and handing out diplomas. I haven't heard, but my guess is that someone passed out from the heat. It wasn't a student, it was someone in the stands. I hope they are okay.

Sea of Blue Streaks4. The weather was incredible. I had the clothes on that I preached in, including a short sleeve button-up shirt and tan-ish pants. We started off standing next to the announcer's building by the football field, but it kept the breeze off of us and made us really hot. At one point I got so overheated that I started sweating and was afraid that my pants would start sticking to my legs. So we moved locations. But not even the sweat and heat and sunburns could ruin the perfect graduation weather.

Road to the Future5. You can't watch a graduation without remembering your own. The year after my high school graduation was the year when I made the most mistakes, when I did the most stupid and silly things of my life. It was also one of the most important and transformative years of my life.

I know that among the Class of 2006 there will be some colossal and painful mistakes made in the next year. But I also know for some this is bound to be one of the most important years of learning and growth in their lives. As a community, we need to pray for our graduates.


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