Thursday, August 28, 2008

O'Learys O'Thankful

I am very excited to have an Irish pub in Woodstock. I went with a leader of my church to O'Learys last night after reading about the new pub in the Woodstock Independent. I had seen the signage but never stopped by. We sat at a table in the bar section, sipped very cold Guinness and discussed some transitional changes at our church. Gretchen, the bartender, was very friendly and fun. Next time through I'm going to meet the owner.

I didn't have any food but they seem to have sandwiches and wraps. I've only seen the menu online and I assume that it's correct. It was quite busy for a normal weeknight, so word must be getting out! Go and check out O'Learys where Harvest Moon used to be (the southeast corner of the Square).

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Holy Gelato Batman!

It's been too long, friends, but the opening of Bella's has demanded a post. Bella's, where Tip Top Bistro used to be on the Square, is full of good stuff: coffee, espresso drinks, smoothies, sorbeto, gelato and more. I've had it twice in two days and have sampled about 12 flavors of gelato or sorbeto now. Just delicious. They also have a few flavors made with Splenda which are also delicious. Add to the goodness the ownership of Terry Pirro and a beautiful cafe seating area including tables & chairs, couches and soft chairs, outdoor seating, free wifi, and soft music and you have the makings of something to be proud of.

Holy cow, I love Bella's already. Try it for yourselves.